WYR Care


We work hard to source the very best Egyptian cottons and take pride in the quality of our fabrics. When you buy WYR, you are investing in a fabric meant for optimal comfort and fit. Since you’ve already made the choice of elevated quality, why not do all the small things to maintain and properly care for your WYR shirts?

In this section we’ll provide useful hints on how to maximize the life of your clothing. In summary, here are some key things to keep in mind (if you’d rather not read all the details below):

  • Wash your clothes less. When you do, wash on a cold setting.
  • Separate whites from colors and turn colors inside out before you wash.
  • Air dry or tumble dry on low.
  • We highly recommend steaming, but ironing does the job too.

Wash Less

Even though washing your clothes after each use is considered the norm, it isn’t hygienically necessary. Many garments simply need to be aired out to be good for another wear. We also do not recommend dry cleaning any of our shirts.


Wash on Cold

As a rule of thumb, we recommend that you wash your WYR clothing on cold (30C / 86F). Cold water is less stressful on cotton fibers, it maximizes the life of the fabric, and still gets the shirts cleaned. We also recommend turning colored shirts inside out before washing and washing whites separately from colored garments to prevent colors from running.


Less is more

Don’t use too much detergent (environmentally clean detergent is also a plus but not necessary). Doubling up on detergent won’t necessarily make your clothes cleaner. Try to steer away from chlorine and other chemicals and chemical softeners in the wash.



Drying protocol

Overall we recommend air drying as a better alternative to machine drying. Air drying is more environmentally friendly, less costly (free!), and puts less stress on your clothing. While our fabrics include a stretchy spandex to help reduce shrinkage and allow it to form to your shape, cotton will naturally have some level of shrinkage (approximately 3% - we did the math). Air drying will help minimize shrinkage. However, in a busy world we get that machine drying is sometimes a necessity. So when using a machine dryer, we highly recommend that you use a tumble dry or low heat setting. Also try to put your washed clothes in the dryer as quickly as possible. Leaving wet clothes in the washing machine may cause wrinkles and mold.


The Crowning Ceremony: Steaming & Ironing

Even though some fabrics (including polyester blends) may not need to be steamed or ironed after drying, cotton is a natural fabric and is more likely to wrinkle and crease. You may be able to avoid creasing and wrinkles by shaking the shirts after washing before drying or hanging to dry. In general, we highly recommend steaming over ironing our fabrics after drying for optimum care. Steaming is more gentle and less stressful on fabrics. After steaming or ironing, our shirts can either be left on a hanger or folded. Don’t skimp on steaming or ironing as these are truly what perfects the shirts after a wash.