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Made with Egyptian cotton for an exceptional feel & fit.

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Simply What You'd Rather Wear!

About Us

We believe quality is what defines a shirt, not the logo or the brand. In the search to elevate your wardrobe, finding premium quality essentials can be expensive and complicated. It shouldn’t be!

We’re not here to be another overpriced brand or a mass-produced shirt that falls apart. We are the shirt you feel good about buying. No gimmicks. No premium brand markup. Simply What You’d Rather Wear.

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A thread above the rest

Our Fabrics

It’s time to upgrade! You deserve more than a polyester blend or cheap cotton. Our fabrics are sourced directly from the Nile Delta region, home to the world's best cotton. Our signature fabric features the finest extra-long staple Egyptian cotton to make a shirt that looks & feels great.

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Style & Fit Perfected To A Tee

Our shirts have been tailored and designed with a fitted look in mind. We paid meticulous attention to the details that matter in delivering durability and longevity. 

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