Our Fabric

We use the finest Egyptian Giza cotton from the Nile Delta region for our signature fabric. Designed with our specifications and treated for a premium feel, comfort, and durability.

Don't be fooled by poor quality blends marketed as premium materials! We don't use cheap polyester in our fabric like most other brands. Polyester isn’t as comfortable or breathable as cotton and can trap heat and sweat against your body.

Egyptian Cotton - White Gold

Egyptian cotton is the finest and softest cotton in the world, known as "White Gold" due to its unmatched quality. Classified as extra-long staple fiber, its length allows for yarns that are more resistant to breakage, fraying, and pilling.

We didn't just stop there. We use the highest quality Giza Cotton, which only grows in the Nile Delta region - the most fertile area in Egypt. The region's sun, humidity, and silt-rich soil create the perfect conditions for producing the best cotton in the world!

Our Signature Fabric

We developed our proprietary fabric specifications to achieve the ideal balance of comfort and durability. Our signature fabric is composed of 95% Giza cotton and 5% LYCRA, which enhances adds 4-way stretch, increases longevity, and resistance to wear. We use a premium weight cotton (185 g/sm) for our jersey knit fabric, making it 30% heavier than the average t-shirt. Additionally, our fabrics undergo a specialized treatment process to prevent pilling and enhance softness.

This unique blend is the best of both worlds, combining the breathability and softness of the finest cotton with the perfect amount of stretch for optimal comfort. Experience an unparalleled sensation of a premium feel, a perfect fit, and lasting quality you've never encountered before!